Detektei PRIKON - Your Partner for Brand Protection Gegen den Handel mit gefälschten und gestohlenen Waren lokalisieren und bekämpfen. Präsenz und Stärke zeigen.

Brand-Protection - Investigations against the illicit trade with stolen or counterfeit Goods

Your Brand suffers damage from stolen  or counterfeit goods on the market?

Counterfeits damage the trust of your costumers into your Brand?

Gray market commodity lowers the market value of your products?

Your inventory differences are no longer acceptable?

We support your Brand-Protection!

– We identify illicit trading venues and sellers 

– We back-up online and offline evidence

– We determine the identity and the background of the seller

– We identify trading volumes

– We identify criminal networks

– We prepare professional reports in English and German  language to file at the prosecutor`s office

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Services we provide to fight counterfeits

Market-Screening and Market-Monitoring

We check German on- and offline markets to identify suspicious offers that could harm your Brand. 

We monitor identified leads to gather information about its trading activities.

Based on the gathered info you decide if its worth to conduct a test-purchase, to perform a background investigations and to file a criminal complaint. 

Online Test-Purchases

An online Test-Purchase is an easy way to check if a lead is active in illicit trading activities.  

Hiding behind the world-wide-web, shady traders feel save and in anonymity.

Due to our experience, we know that anonymity is mostly not given. 

A Test-Purchase is the best way to start identifying a subject involved in illicit trading activities. 

A Test-Purchase with PRIKON includes a transparent report, documenting the advertisement, the seller details, the purchase process, and the delivered goods. Supported by all available documents such as order confirmation, invoice,  emails and other.

Advanced Investigative Methods

As a Private Investigation Company we are able to support your Brand-Protection with online and offline investigations.

Services we provide, amongst others, are background investigations, managing and conducting surveillance, conducting interviews and locating individuals.

  • PRIKON is working with certified investigators and long term professionals
  • PRIKON is member of national and international investigator associations
  • PRIKON is working with "up-to-date Tools and Tactics"
  • PRIKON is at your disposal in court

Dedicated Intelligence-Database

An Intelligence-Database is necessary to structure and to analyze investigation results in a project context.  

The power lies within the ability to have all information available for pattern matching. 

In the area of Brand-Protection it is crucial to identify the network between and behind illicit traders.  

This can be done by collecting, structuring and analyzing all investigation results in a dedicated Database on a regular basis. 


Information without clarity and connection is of no value. Identified information has to be set in logical connection. Then only links and connections can be analysed. 

Graphical analysis is crucial to identify and to report organizational and criminal structures in the area of counterfeit trade and product piracy.

In connection with a database, link-analysis is the best way to present clear, based-on-facts, investigation- and intelligence-results.   

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