Einsatzgebiet Detektei PRIKON Düsseldorf

Your partner for private investigations in Germany

We are PRIKON – Your Trust In Control, Private Investigator Company, located near to Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany. 

We are certified by the Chamber of Commerce, working for clients from all over the world.

We conduct private investigations in Germany, Switzerland, Europe and worldwide.

If You are in need of evidence and information, we are Your partner for discreet investigations. 

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Investiagtive Services


We collect actionable evidence by observing the target. 

We record illicit behaviour and work as professional witnesses, in both the private and the commercial sector. 

Background Investigations

We bring light into the dark. Do not get fooled by scammers that are after you.

Work with us and we will bring you clearity. 

Locating Individuals

We are experienced in locating individuals in Germany and abroad.

Tell us your need and we will find what you are looking for.

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